Fishing in a Stocked Pond

Today is the fishing derby and I walked through with Owen earlier.  My kids told me they wanted to fish but they are not early risers.  The gentleman running the t-shirt table told me the Rod and Gun Club dumped 800 trout in the pond yesterday.  Some of them, no doubt, have already been yanked out by their mouths.  Some might evade capture all summer and settle in and form a family.

The derby displaced the two Canada Geese families we have been watching on the way home from school.  I’m sure they will come back as the crowd disperses later.

I’ve been studying for my life and health insurance exams and I only have a little time left. This weekend will be about studying and staying close to home.  I have spent a long time making it as good as it is, I should settle in and enjoy it.


2 Responses to Fishing in a Stocked Pond

  1. padre911 says:

    I admire your ambitious foray into the crucible of knowledge about actuarial science and send you my best wishes for success in your exams, Rose.

    What could be more worthwhile than the honing of technique and skills regarding how we can best pay now for the benefits needed many years into the future.

    It seems to me that to be precise in one’s abilities of the estimation of future contingent events is a great and most-needed skill for these uncertain times.

    In consideration of the present value of a future sum, I hope that most of the Rod & Gun Club’s new pond trout live long and their families prosper.

    What’s the chances of that?

    • Rose says:

      Today I would wager 50/50. They were surely dumped in well fed and dazed. In the coming lazy and leaner months perhaps their smarts will calibrate. Darwin’s theorems might not count as much in a transient population.

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