Sweater Weather

October 21, 2017

Petey is so warm she got blurry. 


What should we do about Jilly?

October 20, 2017

The British are Coming

October 20, 2017

Last night I went to grief support group and then the post mayoral debate speakeasy. That was the right order of events for this delicate flower.  Then this morning on my elevator at home, BLAMMO.  Can’t wait for Owen Zaret’s kareoke party at the Pulaski Club tonight!  

Hope to see you there unless my babysitter or kids are reading this in which case, stay home.

Now to make the most of my work day!  The kids are getting out of school early.  

Love you dear reader (except one). 

Hope you’re out in the world feeling happy, healthy and terrific!  PMA PMA. 

NOBODY’S Perfect

October 19, 2017

If  are gonna spend five days outing people who wronged us at least we are connecting with other survivors. Other survivors who we already know and loved just did not know all the stories. We do not need to be questioned/quizzed/called we are crazy/just angry he left/got remarried/doesn’t pay enough child support.

We just need a corner to sit in in a well lit pizza shop, a pineapple soda from Harmony Springs and a few years of sisterhood and no abuse. Then, we take the white house. 

Reading List of Links

October 18, 2017

These are especially for you over explaining men I’ve seen all over #metoo posts. 




There is so much more out there but this is a great start!!!

Open Letter to Atty David Sullivan

October 18, 2017

I’m sorry I forgive you thank you. Also I’m mad as hell.  Let’s do something about it!  Comment below if you’re angry too!

Me Fucking Too

October 17, 2017

This is the blog post I dreaded writing.  But shield the children’s eyes, here I go.

I am a rape, domestic and childhood sexual abuse survivor.  I was beaten as a child, left with unsafe men in Jamaica and Mexico, raped at Clark University and in my own home. I had my identity stolen by Robert James Lopez Jr and his green card wife Smengale Patricia Lopez.  They claimed my kids on their taxes, stole two diamond rings, (one of which was the ring Jimmy proposed to me with) got Sprint to give them phones by impersonating Jimmy after he was dead a year etc.  

Rob is a brutal alcoholic sociopath who dabbles in crack selling. He has abused every woman he has ever know and done jail time for strangling a woman while she was pregnant with their second child. Both the woman and the child survived but the child is learning disabled and the mom has traumatic brain injury and self harm issues. 

I cannot openly talk about the baby I gave up out of wanting to honor his new parents and protect their privacy in case Rob tries to harm/stalk them.

To anyone who has found me too abrasive, bitchy, aggressive, angry, all of the above or stuck up…  Sorry I’m not your cup of tea.  A dear friend recently ended the relationship with a declaration that a am “a bully and a bigot”. So…  Lots of room for interpretation on the issue of Rose.  Just think of which last name you know me by and that might help you put a timeline to it.  

At least I survived with my brain and body intact and with my kids much the same. At least we made it under Mount Tom near the police station with nice people around us. 

Praise Jesus, God, the Universe, Gloria Stienem, my mentors, my sisters, my son’s, and Will.  Rosemarie Freeland gave me more than she will ever know. And Steve Poulin, my British Literature professor. And April Albrecht, and Amber Ortiz, and Thalia and her family, and Claire, and all the NMH places and people and rock stars. 

Thanks to all who wish me well.  All the rest can go to hell. Rob should be there eventually…