NOBODY’S Perfect

October 19, 2017

If  are gonna spend five days outing people who wronged us at least we are connecting with other survivors. Other survivors who we already know and loved just did not know all the stories. We do not need to be questioned/quizzed/called we are crazy/just angry he left/got remarried/doesn’t pay enough child support.

We just need a corner to sit in in a well lit pizza shop, a pineapple soda from Harmony Springs and a few years of sisterhood and no abuse. Then, we take the white house. 


Shoes to Fill

October 13, 2017

These are perhaps the finest shoes ever.  My husband is now the proud owner.

Grieving the greats tonight.

Parting Gifts

October 9, 2017

When my Papou passed away he left behind many things. Walls of photographs, Yia Yias shelves of bird figurines, some nice books.  His closet was beautifully organized.  He also left enough toys and puzzles and treasures to last my boys two years of Birthdays and Christmases. This was a man who told me five years ago that he had enough clothes to last two lifetimes and he wasn’t buying any more.  All of the writing and friends and memories live on.  But eventually those toys will run out. Not for a while though.  I miss him. 

Good Clouds and Good Mist

October 2, 2017

As I learned at GCC Meteorology Class, mist is just clouds along the ground.  Travel today, so lots of solo time. Excited for a new job opportunity and some new sights. Missing my crew at home already. A bit. 

Sweet Kids

September 26, 2017

They asked for some of my flowers yesterday and this is what they made.  So grateful they got to know Papou for the start of their young lives. 

Jay Gonzalez and the Young Democrats

September 26, 2017

I went up to Williston Northampton School last night. It’s no NMH but it a nice place with good kids and they invited the Easthampton Community to join.  On the way there I asked a kid who was propped up on the grass where the Doyle Room was.  Another kid quickly intervened and steered me in the right direction. “He’s fine, I promise.”. He said about the propped up boy. Which made me immediately wonder if he wasn’t.  But I digress. 

The candidate for Governor, Jay Gonzalez, really impressed me.  He has really good plans and understanding of healthcare reform, the Justice System (a mess right now amiright?), and the need for equal pay across genders.  He understands the barriers to employment due to rural locations, lack of public transportation and/or childcare.  

Admittedly I mostly went to take mental notes on how to give a political speech.  But I really got a lot more.  At this point I’ll be supporting Jay Gonzalez for Massachusetts Governor in 2018.

Thanks Williston for having me. 

Missing You, Happy to See Everyone who loves you

September 23, 2017

William Robert Compton, you are the NMH OG.  DL Moody is smiling today.  Thanks for the trip to Mount Hermon and to Memorial Chapel Papou.  I got up in front of the podium in the middle for the first time. Loving you…