Bonfire Ritual

April 24, 2016

I found myself sneaking out last night to go to a friend’s bonfire.  It ended up being a fun mix of women with a lot of sharing.  Of marshmallows, art, stories.  There was talk of purity rings, intensity addiction, parents watching dirty TV shows, marijuana smoking grandmas, and always of food.

The reason Orion and I started this blog was to connect and project outwards with the common thread of food.  Now, functionally, the blog as become quite Rose-centric and less about food.  But food is always there.  In the background, on the table, in the shopping bags, in the fields.

May we all be as nourished by the people around us as by the foods we choose.


The Stages of Grief

April 23, 2016

If any of you dear readers have experienced loss or taken intro to Psychology you’ve probably heard of the five stages of grief.  They are bargaining, anger, acceptance and two other ones.  Just kidding… The other two, and the least perhaps fun are denial and depression.

The last two (6 maybe) months in my life have been ruled by anger.  Anger is a great motivator but it is exhausting.  And, unlike depression, my anger gets sprinkled collaterally.  I gave some to the other drivers I shared the road with, the special education coordinator at James’s former preschool, the records person at NMH, and especially a phlebotomist/vampire at the hospital.  I think Ivan deserved it though, he mashed my veins.

I miss school and working but I am poised to return soon to both, or at least working.  Money comes in so dang handy and my rental income isn’t a very satisfying earn.  Especially since we just bought a new and very expensive furnace for it.

Its being fun to get back into blogging but it would help me if you all made comments in the blog, instead of saving them for private message or Facebook posts.  Please identify yourselves!  Add to the conversation if you will.

Happy weekend,








April 17, 2016

While I was Chubby Swapping my main man made bread.


Slaves to Fashion by Dr. Robert J. S. Ross

April 17, 2016



One of the only positive memories I have from Clark University in 2000-2001 is work study in the sociology department.  One of my duties was sifting through the early research materials for this book while Dr. Ross was off teaching classes.  Back then the working title was “Bread and Roses, too”.

Old Photo I had Never Seen

April 16, 2016

Padre is at it again, digging through his archives.  Here’s what he shared with me yesterday:

Its me and my mom, probably at Alice Hallway’s house in Putney, VT.  My mom and her friends did a lot of face painting at birthday parties.  When I look at this photo I recall how beautiful my mother was and also how much Miles looks like me.


055 Archive Copy 007   09 APR 2016

Womyn On The Rampage

April 15, 2016

I am beyond excited for Chubb Swap this Sunday and for WeMAWL on May 20th!

Turkish Baking

April 13, 2016


These little savory cookies were a gift at the playground bench from my Turkish neighbor.  They have nigella seeds.